Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1999, 50(2): 179-190

Zmienność równoważnego poziomu hałasu drogowego w aspekcie ustalania kryteriów jego oceny
[Variability of equivalent traffic noise level for establishment of environmental standards]

Z. Koszarny


This article includes analysis of variability of equivalent traffic noise level of great intensity together with regard to variable time references. It also concerns normative times applied and proposed in Poland. It was discoverd, that short-term measurements - 30 or 60 min, usually don’t reflect environmental acoustic conditions precisely. Long-term measurements and measurements conducted in the first night hour are characterized by great repeatability. The difference beetween is merely two dB. The above range of variability is an exact measure of valuation of acoustic conditions. Newly introduced system of regulations in Poland, the concerns protection of environment make the acoustic requirements 2-3 dB less severe with reference to previous ones. According to present system of noise measurement the difference in equivalent noise levels between day and night is 4-6 dB. Less difference occurs in in districts of intense traffic and through traffic.

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