Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1997, 48(4): 337-342

Zawartość ołowiu, kadmu, miedzi i cynku we włosach dzieci szkolnych z wybranych terenów wiejskich Lubelszczyzny
[Lead, cadmium, copper and zinc contents in hair of school children from selected rural areas nearly of Lublin]

W. Zaborowska , J. Wierciński


Contents of lead, cadmium, copper and zinc were determined in the hair of 164 rural school children aged 7-15 years, by means of flame AAS method. The children attended four schools situated in the villages: Uhnin, Dębowa Kłoda, Urszulin and Dębina. There were stated the lower contents of lead and zinc (1.84 and 101.1 µg/g) and higher concentrations cadmium and copper (0.37 and 16.44 µg/g respectively) in the children’s hair from Dębina, comparing to the other villages. The statistical analysis of the results revealed essential difference in the mean lead contents according to sex (more, in the boy’s hair). There was considering the relationship between heavy metals levels in the hair of the children’s population and their age as well as correlations between lead, cadmium, copper and zinc concentrations in the hair samples.

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