Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1999, 50(2): 163-169

Zastosowanie technologii „sous vide” do pakowania chłodzonych potraw gotowych do spożycia
[„Sous vide” technology in packaging of chilled ready to eat dishes]

S. Zalewski


As chilled precooked dishes show limited to 3-5 days shelf life several additional factors have to be applied to extend it up to 21 or even 42 dasy as is sometimes allowed for sous vide technology products. Those factors comprise high higienie standards for raw materials and premises as well as technological steps and parameters that efficiently destroy microbial contamination, and do not allow for recontamination or bacterial growth. Such steps include precooking which also means pasteurisation in high vacuum or anaerobic atmosphere in sealed pouches, blast chilling, low temperature storage parameters as well as high temperature of reheating process and quick serving procedures. Paper specifies parameters for each technological steps and presents microbiological requirements for final products. Sous vide technology allows for good quality and high nutritional value in soups, meats in souces and stewed vegetables. It is used for individual consumer in chilled „ready to eat” line dishes in supermarkets and supplies such dishes for catering units.

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