Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 2000, 51(1): 71-77

Zastosowanie metody chromatograficzno- spektrofotometrycznej do analitycznej kontroli kwasu L-askorbinowego w materiale farmaceutycznym i roślinnym
[Application ot the chromatographicspectrofotometric method for analytical control of L-ascorbic acid in pharmaceutical and plant material]

U. Hachuła , B. Zawisza , W. Winkler


The conditions of chromatographic separation allowing the isolation of L-ascorbic acid from its products of decomposition and other accompanying substances in the determined pharmaceutic preparation and plant materials were established. The isolated L-ascorbic acid was signed by the extractive - spectrophotometric method using coupled redox-complexation reactions with iron(III), 1, 10 phenantroline and bromophenol blue system. The analitycal procedure allowing the evaluation of durability of vitamin С in multivitamin „Vitaral” preparate was described. The procedure was used also for the evaluation of the loss of L-ascorbic acid in the parsley and lovage in the process of drying and storage.  

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