Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1997, 48(3): 253-262

Występowanie termotolerancyjnych bakterii rodzaju Campylobacter w rzekach i jeziorach okolic Warszawy
[The incidence of thermotolerant Campylobacter in rivers and lakes of Warsaw region]

J . Popowski, A. Łękowska-Kochaniak, D. Korsak


The presence of thermotolerant Campylobacter in rivers and lakes of Warsaw region was examined with the detectability of 1 c.f.u./ml. Samples were taken from depth of water and from the surface of different objects deposited on the bottom. The results indicate that about 70% of water samples are contaminated with Campylobacter, whereas the contamination of the underwater objects is less prevalent. The species distribution was as follows: C. jejuni - 65%, C. coli - 22%, С. lari - 13%. In vitro experiment was also performed to test the ability of Campylobacter to create biofilms on the surface of wood, metal and plastic, however no such property was revealed. From the analysis of presented results it was established that localization of the highest contamination is connected mainly with presence of municipal sewages and in less extent with the presence of the droppings of wild animals. The samples of water give the better reflection of the examined reservoir contamination than solid samples.

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