Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1999, 50(1): 107-113

Warunki i sposób żywienia wychowanków domów dziecka
[Children nutrition and food preparation conditions in orphanages]

E. Polus - Szeniawska


The study was carried out in all orphanages listed in sanitary - epidemiological stations. The main purpose of the study was to assess children nutrition and sanitary - hygienic conditions of meal’s preparation in orphanages. Inspectors of Children’s and Youth’s Hygiene Departments of the sanitary - epidemiological stations assessed, by means of a uniformed questionnaire, the sanitary - hygienic conditions of kitchens and dinning-rooms and quality of diet served in orphanages. From total 327 children’s homes (with 16471 inmates aged from 3 days up to 25 years) included in the study, 93% were run by State, 6% by the Church and 1% by Foundations. Results of the study showed that in majority of orphanages the sanitary conditions of meal preparation and consumption were satisfactory. Kitchens with proper equipment were recorded in 301 orphanages (92%), with good ventilation in 316 orphanages (97%) and with sufficient lighting in 304 orphanages (93%). Dietary assessment of children showed that in some orphanages inmates have eaten too few meals a day. In contrary it must be emphasized that in 241 orphanages (73%) the meals were served five times a day. It leads to assumption that in remaining 27% such a way of meals giving should be possible to achieve.

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