Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1998, 49(2): 189-198

Terapia radonowa - Inhalatorium radonowe w Kowarach
[The radon therapy - Radon Inhalatorium in Kowary]

J. Peńsko, K. Pachocki, Z. Różycki, T. Majle, B. Gorzkowski, E. Wilejczyk


In this paper the measurements of radon-222 concentration in the air of Kowary Radon Inhalatorium in the vicinity of Jelenia Góra, Lower Silesia, Poland, performed by Radiation Protection and Radiobiology Department of National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw, have been presented. For the measurements the integration method with the application of charcoal canisters have been used. The radon concentration was found within the very broad ranges from about 4 to 420 kBq m3 depending of the season of the year. Basing on the radon concentration measurements during the inhalation therapy session and taking into account the equilibrium factor of 0,8 the doses to the bronchi of the patients in range from 1,2 to about 204 mSv (0,12 ~ 20,4 rem) have been assessed. The majority of patients (ca. 76%) received the doses between US and 204 mSv.

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