Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 2000, 51(1): 7-13

Skażenie bielików związkami chloroorganicznymi w Polsce
[The contamination of white-tailed sea eagles with organochlorines in Poland]

J. Falandysz , L. Strandberg , T. Mizera , E. Kalisińska


The residues of PCBs, DDTs, HCHs, HCBz, PCBz, CHLs, aldrin, dieldrin, endrin, isodrin, endosulfan 1, endosulfan 2, mirex, TCPM-H and TCPM-OH were determined in breast muscles and an egg of white-tailed sea eagles collected in Poland in 1991-1995. The method of measurement was capillary gas chromatography and low resolution mass spectrometry (HRGC/LRMS) after a non-destructive extraction, clean-up and fractionation of the sample. Only aldrin, endrin, endosulfan 1 and endosulfan 2 were absent in birds and egg examined. Some of the adult white-tailed sea eagles collected dead from the coastal area of the Baltic Sea still remain relatively high contaminated with organochlorines, and the concentrations of PCBs and DDTs in those birds ranged between 2300-2600 and 490-2000 jag/g lipids, respectively. In dead egg concentration of PCBs was 390 |ig/g lipids (25 ng/g wet weight), while of DDTs 270 Hg/g lipids (18 |ig/g w.w.).

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