Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1999, 50(1): 57-67

Przegląd dokumentów Unii Europejskiej dotyczących zanieczyszczenia żywności aflatoksynami
[The review of the European Union documents relating contamination of aflatoxins in food]

J. Postupolski , K. Rybińska , M. Szczęsna , K. Karłowski , E. Ledzion


In the following review, Polish and European Union legislation, concerning maximum level of aflatoxins in foodstuffs, was reported. In this moment, no specific requirements exist but according to Food and Nutrition Law all kind of food ought to be free from aflatoxins. Practically, maximum aflatoxins level should be below the detection limit of official analytical method (thin layer chromatography) - 5 µg/kg and 0.05 µg/1 for milk. Commission Directive 98/53/EC laying down the sampling methods and the methods of analysis for aflatoxins in foodstuffs and Commission Regulation No 152/98 setting maximum levels for aflatoxins in foodstuffs were presented. Also, Ministry of Health Draft Regulation, concerning maximum levels of contamination in food is prepared in accordance with EU regulation, was reported.

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