Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1998, 49(4): 463-468

Oznaczanie wolnego formaldehydu w środkach kosmetycznych z zastosowaniem wysokosprawnej chromatografii cieczowej
[Free formaldehyde determination in cosmetic products by the HPLC method]

E. Luks, E. Kiss, M. Kwast, M. Malanowska, B. Śmietanka


In order to standarize the analitical methods and procedures with the ones used in the EU, I a method of free formaldehyde determination in cosmetic products preserved with formaldehyde donors, recommended by Commission Directive (90/207/EEC of 4th April, 1990), has been tested. The free formaldehyde level is determined by HPLC using post column derivatisation with acetylacetone. Formaldehyde content was determined in 44 fortified samples of cosmetic emulsions and shampoos. Recoveries ranged from 94,8-97,5%. Relative Standard Deviation 1-2,3%.

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