Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1996, 47(2): 239-245

Określenie stopnia migracji glinu z naczyń do mleka
[Evaluation of aluminium migration from kitchen utensils into milk]

K. Skibniewska , S.S. Smoczyński


The use of wide range of aluminium vessels in households may result in aluminium migration into foods and its increased intake with diet. As a result of model experiment it was shown that the storage of milk in order to produce sour milk in kitchen utensils made of aluminium caused an increase aluminium levels in sour milk and in the cottage cheese which was obtained from this milk. The concentration of aluminium in the cottage cheese from the sour milk which was produced in aluminium kitchen vessels were 3-4 fold higher than the concentration of this element in the same milk before its use to the experiment. Moreover, the concentration of aluminium in the cottage cheese produced in the glass vessel was similar to the concentration of this metal in the milk.

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