Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1999, 50(3): 269-287

Ocena pobrania azotanów i azotynów z żywnością w gospodarstwach domowych w Polsce w latach 1991-1995
[Evaluation of nitrates and nitrites food intake in polish households in years 1991-1995]

A. Wawrzyniak , A. Gronowska - Senger , K. Górecka


The studies on nitrates and nitrites food intakes in year 1991-1995 were carried out in four types of households i.e. workes, worker-farmers, fanners, pensioners and retired persons and from 1993 in self-employed households and families maintaining themselves on non-income sources; altogether and with regard to the number of persons in family. Using household budget data and literature concerning nitrates and nitrites contents in food products, mean and maximum food intakes of these compounds were calculated and compared to acceptable daily intake (ADI) taking into consideration main sources of them. The obtained results indicaded that the mean nitrate and nitrite food intakes did not exceed ADI but maximum intakes of one were several times higher than ADI. Nitrate and nitrite food intakes depended on type of household being highest at farmers, pensioners and the number of persons in family. Six persons families took nearly half less than did one-person one. There were no diferences in main food sources of nitrates and nitrites for all types of households and number of person in families. Vegetables and their products supplied 94-98% of nitrates wheras meat products supplied 98% of nitrites.

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