Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1998, 49(1): 93-101

Ocena higieniczna warunków do nauki i rekreacji wychowanków domów dziecka
[Hygienic assessment of the conditions of education and recreation of the inmates of children’s homes]

E. Polus - Szeniawska


The study was carried out in 1995 in all children’s homes listed in the sanitary-epidemiological stations in the country, with 16 471 inmates, among them 13 778 were attending elementary and secondary schools. The conditions for education and recreation in these homes were studied by the workers of the children and adolescent sections of the sanitary-epidemiological stations overseeing children’s homes in the area of their coverage. For the study a uniform questionnaire was used. On the basis of the results the conclusion is put forward, that the conditions of education and recreation of children differ considerably from one home to another. In most homes the conditions for education and recreation are good. In certain homes short-comings were found, e. g. insufficient lighting of working places, which require actions for their elimination to avoid possible consequences for health. The actions undertaken for sending in 1995 of a possibly high number of inmates to summer or winter camps were brought into realization in a considerable degree. In summer 71% and in winter 23% of the inmates attending schools participated in various forms of organized recreation.

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