Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1998, 49(4): 447-455

Ocena całkowitej zawartości rtęci w moczu i włosach ludzi narażonych i nienarażonych zawodowo
[The evaluation of urine and hair total mercury content in occupationally exposed and non-exposed people]

J. K. Ludwicki , B. Wiadrowska , D. Palut , E. Tyrkiel


The study aimed at the evaluation of total mercury content in hair and urine of the workers occupationally exposed to various levels of mercury vapours. The hair and urine were taken from the workers employed in Chemical Plant Oświęcim and from thermometer factory in Warsaw. The urine and hair of non-exposed Warsaw inhabitants served as a reference. Mercury levels in hair and urine were determined with atomic absorption spectrometry. The highest mercury concentration in hair (range 1.13-325.16 µg/g) and urine (range 15.7-800 ng/mg of creatinine) of workers employed in processing chloroalkali in Chemical Plant Oświęcim. The results also suggest that the average mercury concentration in hair (0.17 and l0 µg/g) and urine (0-4 and 2.36 ng/mg of creatinine) of non-occupationally exposed inhabitants from Warsaw and więcim does not endanger human population. Nevertheless a positive correlation between distance from chloroalkali plant in Oświęcim and mercury content in the specimens from inhabitants has been observed.

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