Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1999, 50(4): 369-383

Kwasy tłuszczowe w czekoladach i wyrobach czekoladowych
[Fatty acids in chocolate and chocolate products]

M. Daniewski, E. Mielniczuk, B. Jacórzyński, M. Pawlicka, J. Balas, A. Filipek, M. Górnicka


Fat content as well as fatty acids composition in 46 chocolate both stuffed and hard type as well as 14 chocolate related products from the market in Warsaw area in the years of 1997-1999 has been analysed. As the result of above investigations the considerable difference in fat content (from 6,6 to 40,0%) as well as fatty acids groups has been detected, in particular in stuffed chocolates and chocolate products.

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