Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 2023, 74(1): 15-18

Intranasal (IN) COVID-19 vaccines - a breakthrough
[Intranasal (IN) COVID-19 vaccines - a breakthrough]

Ramandeep Singh Gambhir, Khushdeep Kaur, Ridhi Matariya, Balwinder Singh, Ridhima Sood, Jyotsana Singh

Emerging variants of COVID-19 have threatened the effectiveness of intramuscular (IM) vaccines since that are made to target only the spike protein. Development of Intranasal (IN) vaccination has been proven to provide both the mucosal and systemic immune responses for broader and long lasting protection. Many IN vaccine candidates (virus-vectored vaccines, recombinant subunit vaccines and live attenuated vaccines) are in different phases of clinical trials and in near future many companies would be releasing their vaccines into the drug market. Potential advantages of IN vaccination over IM vaccination makes them ideal to be administered in children and developing populations of the world. This paper focuses on the very recent developments in intranasal vaccination with a spotlight on their safety and efficacy concerns.
IN vaccination can prove to be game-changer in handling COVID-19 and potential viral contagious diseases in future.

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