Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1998, 49(1): 25-33

Badanie zawartości azotanów i azotynów w posiłkach pacjentów z terenu województwa białostockiego
[The studies on the contents of the nitrates and nitrites in the feeding of the hospital’s patients from the province of Białystok]

B. Stopnicka , I. Jerulank, Z. Bartosiewicz , I. Szemrej , M. Domanowska


The aim of this study was determination of daily level intake of nitrates and nitrites in the individual meals in the daily food rations of patients from the hospitals from the province of Białystok. The studied material were meals and total diets, with regard to selected food products, which were taken to preparing the dishes. The investigation materials were taken from February to June 1996. Analysis of nitrates and nitrites contents was realized by the commonly method based on the reaction of Griess. Nitrate was reduced to nitrite on a cadmium column whereupon, it was determined colorimetrically. The daily dose of nitrates for patients of 70 kg weight to the level on 350 mg KN03/person and nitrites on 14 mg NaN02/person, was established according to the Expert Committee FAO/WHO recomendations that acceptable daily intake level of nitrates on 5 mg and nitrites - i 0.2 mg to 1 kg body weight. In the light of these investigations it was found that main nitrates soufce in daily food rations were dinners containing red beet, while the great amount of nitrates was supplited in breakfasts and suppers with rennet maturing cheeses and sausages. From among all evaluated daily diets, I 1/3 exceeded the admissible daily intake levels of nitrates and nitrites.

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