Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1996, 47(3): 303-312

Żywienie a umieralność z powodu chorób dietozależnych
[Nutrition and mortality from some diet-related diseases]

E. Świstak, B. Sawicka , K. Rejman, S. Вerger


Authors analysed changes in consumption of selected food groups (cereals, fruit, vegetables, meat, fat, sweets) as well as mortality indexes (CVD, intestinal cancers, diabetes) among four European countries (the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden) during 1970-1992. It was shown that consumption of fruit and vegetables (except the Netherlands) significantly increased. The growing tendency of meat consumption was decelerated, whereas no changes were observed in case of cereals, total fats and sweets. However (except Sweden) fats of animal origin decreased in favour of vegetable ones. As far as mortality from CVD and stomach cancer is concerned some decrease was observed in all countries. In addition mortality from intestine and colon cancer was lower in Sweden as well as UK. Although changes in dietary pattern are playing the crucial role observed mortality rates, other factors related to style of life incl. smoking or physical activity should not be overlooked.

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