Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1999, 50(3): 313-319

Zmiany morfologiczne mysich plemników po skojarzonym działaniu promieniowania X i cyklofosfamidu
[Sperm head abnormalities of mice after combined X-rays-cyclophosphamide exposure]

M.M. Dobrzyńska , A.K. Gajewski


Male mice Sfis:Pzh were exposed to X-rays, cyclophosphamide or combination of both agents. Each of agent was given in low (0.25 Gy, 25 mg/kg bw CP) or high (1.00 Gy, 100 mg/kg bw CP) doses. Germ cells were exposed to agents as spermatogonia. After 35 days sperm abnormalities test was performed. Exposure to one of agents only, did not enhance statistically significant frequency of morfologically abnormal spermatozoa. Combined treatment of spermatogonia to both agents in low as well in high doses induce clear biological effects, but only combination of high doses (1.00 Gy + 100 mg/kg bw CP) induce statistically significant effect. Results obtained in this study confirmed, that ablity of different agents to induce sperm-shape abnormalities is related to its ablity to induce mutations in germ cells.

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