Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 2000, 51(4): 353-359

Zawartość wybranych biopierwiastków w całodziennej racji pokarmowej studentów Akademii Medycznej w Białymstoku
[Content of chosen bioelements in a daily food ration of students of Białystok Medical Academy]

D. Czapska , L. Ostrowska , J. Karczewski


The aim of the study was to evaluate calcium and iron content in a daily food ration of students of Białystok Medical Academy. The analysis was correlated with the consumption of product groups being the main source of these bioelements in the diet (milk, meat and their products). The study involved 492 students (66% women and 34% men) aged 19-25 years. Quantitative analysis was carried out using the 24-hour recall method. Calcium and iron content in the diet were estimated according to Kunachowicz et al. The results were compared with the standards accepted by the Institute of Food and Nutrition in Warsaw, for people with moderate physical activity. The mean calcium content in the diet of female students was 582.9 mg, while in the diet of male students 802.2 mg. Daily diet calcium content covered 53% and 73% of the safe norm in women and men respectively, the recommended norm being 49% and 67%. Calcium content in a daily food ration of the Białystok Medical Academy students was too low, which was caused by insufficient intake of milk and its products. Mean iron intake in a daily food ration of female students was 10.1 mg/day and of male students 15 mg/day. The difference was statistically significant. Iron supply in men, s diet covered the recommended norm in 100%, while the safe norm in 136.4%. In women iron in diet covered the safe norm in 72.1% and the recommended norm in 56.1%. Differences in iron content in a daily food ration of the students examined are associated with differentiated consumption of meat and its products (high intake was noted in men studying at Białystok Medical Academy).

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