Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1995, 46(1): 3-12

Zawartość ołowiu, kadmu, miedzi i cynku w warzywach, owocach agrestu oraz glebie ogrodów działkowych Lublina
[Lead, cadmium, copper and zinc content in vegetables, goosberry fruits and soils from gardening plots of Lublin]

H. Kowalska - Pyłka, A. Kot, J. Wierciński, K. Kursa, G. Wałkuska, W. Cybulski


Lead, cadmium, copper and zinc contents in vegetables, fruits of gooseberries and in soil of Lublin gardening plots “Pionier” and “ Podzamcze” both situated along heavy traffic streets, and “Pionier” additional to the close vicinity of automobile factory were determined by atomic absorption spectrophofometry. Statistical analysis of the results respected the streets or factory distances from the gardening plots, and the species of the vegetables. Levels of the determined elements in the most of the samples were lower than permitted by the Ministry of Health Regulation established in 1993. According to that Regulation a slight exceeding of zinc content in the red beetroots and in the overground parts of the leek were found. Lead content in the parsley root and in the dill was close to the tolerance limit. Both lead and cadmium of the soil of “Podzamcze” gardening plot significantly exceeded the levels considered as tolerable for unpolluted grounds, whereas the soil of “Pionier” contained lead close to limit of tolerance level.

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