Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 2000, 51(4): 393-401

Wybrane wskaźniki stanu odżywienia oraz upodobania żywieniowe młodzieży szkoły baletowej
[Selected indexes of the nutritional status and food habits among young ballet dancers]

R. Nazarewicz , E . Babicz - Zielińska


The work has been aimed at assessment of nutritional status on the base of some selected anthropometric factors and at evaluation of food habits among schoolchildren of the ballet dance school at Gdańsk. The 58 boys and girls were examined. The height, body mass and body fat were measured, and the Body Mass Index values calculated. The results were compared to those obtained among children at Poznań and Kielce. ,The survey of food habits was made with the especially prepared questionnaire. The substantial deficiency of body fat and relatively low body mass were observed. The BMI value below 18 was found for 35% of subjects, and between 20 and 25 only for 23% of subjects. The wrong food habits were found, especially low number of meals and their irregular consumption.

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