Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1999, 50(3): 307-311

Wpływ zatrucia ostrego chlorfenwinfosem na aktywność enzymów antyoksydacyjnych oraz stężenie dialdehydu malonowego u szczurów
[Effect of acute intoxication with chlorfenvinphos on activity of antioxidant enzymes and concentration of malondialdehyd in rats]

A. Łukaszewicz - Hussain , J. Moniuszko - Jakoniuk


The aim of this paper was examination of the influence of chlorfenvinphos on the activity of an antioxidant enzymes in the blood and concentration of the serum malonondialdehyd in rats. It were found increase of the activity of SOD in 24 h and decrease in the 48 h; increase CAT activity, decrease GR activity in the 48 h and increase of G-6-P-DH activity in the 24 and 48 h after intoxication. Activity of GPX did not change statistically significant. It was observed decrease of MDA concentration in the serum in 1 and 24 h after intoxication and return to value in the control groups in the 48 h. It can be concluded that the changes of the activity of enzymes and concentration of MDA in the blood indicates hypoxia in the first period of intoxication (to 24 h) and reoxidation process in the later period.

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