Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1997, 48(1): 87-102

Sposób oraz stan odżywienia ludzi starszych w Polsce w świetle danych z piśmiennictwa z lat 1980-1996
[Nutrient intake and nutritional status of the eldery in Poland on the basis of the literature from the years 1980-1996]

E. Wierzbicka, A. Brzozowska, W. Roszkowski


According to papers published in the years 1980-1996 there were many faults in nutritional habits of the elderly in Poland, which can affect nutritional and health status. Low consumption of calcium, vitamins C, A, and В group was identified most often while fhe intake of fats was too high in comparison to Polish recommended daily intake. Moreover !ron and protein intake among women were also too low. The analysis of food products intake 'ndicated that above mentioned inadequacy in nutrient intake was the result of low consumption °f milk and milk products, fruits and vegetables containing vitamin С and beta- carotene as well as grain products and potatoes and high consumption of products from the group other fats. The observed differences between intake and nutritional recommendation were confirmed by the indices of nutritional status. BMI indicating overweight or obesity was observed for many subjects under study, more frequently among women than among man. Biochemical analysis showed risk of deficiency of some vitamins.  

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