Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1996, 47(2): 159-165

Przewlekłe toksyczne działanie substancji powierzchniowoczynnych o różnej budowie chemicznej
[Chronic toxic effects of surface-active substances varying in chemical structure]

S. Szuliński, A. Chyba, S. Maziarka


Male white rats were givem with drinking water detergents: sodium alkylbenzenosulphonate /ABSNa/S/ and Rokamid MRZ 17, Group I /control/ received tap water. Groups II, III and IV were given ABSNa/S in doses of 2, 6 or 18 mg/1 of water, and groups V, VI and VII were given Rokamid MRZ 17 in the same concentrations. After 10 months of exposure to these detergents haematological tests were done: haemoglobin level, haematocrit value and clotting time; biochemical investigations included blood cholinesterase activity, bilirubin and cholesterol levels in plasma. Then memory potential was tested by teaching the rats differentiation and memirising of visual stimuli in a cage specially adapted for that purpose. On the ground of the obtained results it can be said that in the groups receiving Rokamid MRZ 17 in 18 mg/1 concentration and ABSNa/S 6 and 18 mg/1 the median survival was decreased by over ten per cent, and blood clotting time was prolonged in relation to the control group. The results of conditioning tests showed that the highest concentration of Rokamid MRZ 17 produced memory impairment in this group.

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