Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1996, 47(1): 65-67

Problem występowania lotnych chlorowanych węglowodorów w wodzie do picia w Polsce
[Occurrence of chlorinated hydrocarbons in drinking water in Poland]

S. Sadowski


The reaction course in the development of trihalogenomethans ATHMs/, the own results and those of Province Sanitary Epidemiological Stations obtained in the study of the content of volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons in tap water, and the possibility of preventing of excessive accumulation of these substances in water are discussed. There is still in Poland the danger of THMs present in unacceptable concentrations. For reducing the concentrations of THMs in drinking water it is necessary:
— to prepare water sources for the population according to the accepted regulations,
— to check repeatedly over long time periods the levels of THMs in drinking water,
— to changed the technology of water purification,
— to accept as obligatory demanding of opinions on the technology of water purification
in the aspect of elimunation of carcinogens.


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