Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1996, 47(1): 33-39

Próba oceny ryzyka zdrowotnego w warunkach środowiskowego narażenia na chlorowane węglowodory aromatyczne
[An attempt on health risk assessment for the environmental exposure to chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons]

J . K. Ludwicki, K. Czaja, P. Struсiński


An attempt has been made to assess the exposure of adult humans and infants to chlorinated hydrocarbons from food. Basing on the results from monitoring performed by the sanitary epidemiological stations in Poland the average concentrations of DDT, HCH, HCB and PCBs in variety of foods items were calculated. These average values were used as a base for the estimation of daily intake of polychlorinated hydrocarbons. For this purpose the average consumption of various groups of foods, including breast milk, were taken into consideration. The Estimated Daily Intakes (EDI) of the compounds were compared with the corresponding ADI values.

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