Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1996, 47(3): 285-293

Pomiary stężenia radonu 222Rn w wodzie z ujęć głębinowych na terenie Warszawy
[Measurements of radon 222Rn concentrations in Warsaw's deep borehole water]

K. Pachocki, B. Gorzkowski, T. Maile, Z. Różycki, J. Peńsko, I. Poręba


Radon  222Rn in deep borehole water in the Warsaw's district has been quantitative deter-• mined. The measurements were performed using the alpha liquid scintillation counting method. The measurements results were compared to the  222Rn concentration limit in drinking water approved in other countries. In some cases the concentrations of  222Rn in investigated water samples exceed 11 Bq/1. The annual radiation dose equivalent received by the people consuming every day such water in Warsaw in about 0,014 mSv (1,4 mrem).

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