Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1999, 50(3): 261-267

Oznaczanie selenu w wodach mineralnych metodą ASA
[Determination of selenium in mineral waters with ASA method]

J. Masłowska , A. Gawłoska


The selenium was determined in therapeutic and table waters by means of ASA method. All the experiments were carried out in argon atmosphere. The element levels in the examined waters compared to Polish standards were relatively low and do not exceed the drinkable water standards. The determined content of selenium was in the range of 0,30 - 0,48 ppb. Evaluation of the method of selenium determination was carried out devine its precisiness, acuuracy and linarity. Statistical analysis has shown that the coefficient of variation varies between 0,34 and 1,86 % recovery is from 95,17 to 96,83%. The method can be used for controlling of the waters in the food technology.

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