Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1998, 49(2): 169-176

Oznaczanie jodków w solach - walidacja metod
[Determination of iodides in salts - validation of methods]

M. Drobnik, T. Latour


The studies reported were aimed at finding a simple analytical method enabling quantitative determination of iodide in table iodised salt and in therapeutic iodide-bromide salts. The analytical procedure proposed is a modification of spectrophotometric method recom­mended in the Polish Standards. The method based on the reaction of iodide oxidation by sodium nitrite was validated by determining its precision, accuracy and linearity. Statistical analysis has shown that the coefficient of variation varies between 2,73 and 4,82%, recovery is from 99,17 to 101,83% and falls within the confidence interval for the mean recovery at the assumed level of significance. The method can be used for controlling the technology of table salt iodisation.

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