Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1995, 46(3): 265-269

Oznaczanie formaldehydu w szamponach, płynach kąpielowych i płynach do mycia naczyń metodami kolorymetrycznymi
[Formaldehyde determination in shampoos, bath preparations and dish washing liquids by colorimetric methods]

M. Kwast, E. Kiss


In the years 1992-1993 in cooperation with Province Sanitary-Epidemiological Stations 2415 samples of shampoos and bath preparations for adults and children as well as of dish washing liquides, imported and produced in Poland, were analysed. The colorimetric method either with the chromotropic acid or acetylacetone was used. Among polish preparations, only in 6% samples of cosmetic products for children the level of formaldehyde exceeded permitted level of 50 mg/kg. In all cosmetic products for adults as well as in all samples of dish washing liquides the content of formaldehyde was below permitted level 500 mg/kg. Among imported products, 40% of samples of cosmetics for children, 3% - for adults and 2% of dish washing liquides revealed formaldehyde level above permitted values. It is advisable to determine periodically formaldehyde content in particular cosmetic products, such as shampoos and bath preparations, mainly used by children.

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