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Nutrition of vegetarians in Poland – a review of research

Paulina Skorek, Paweł Glibowski, Katarzyna Banach

doi 10.32394/rpzh.2019.0072

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Body composition and nutrition of female athletes

Karol Pilis, Krzysztof Stec, Anna Pilis, Agata Mroczek, Cezary Michalski, Wiesław Pilis

doi 10.32394/rpzh.2019.0074

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Obesity diagnosis and mortality risk based on a body shape index (ABSI) and other indices and anthropometric parameters in university students

Martina Gažarová, Mária Galšneiderová, Lucia Mečiarová

doi 10.32394/rpzh.2019.0077

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 Mobile telephony and its effects on human health

 Andrzej Magiera, Jolanta Solecka

 doi 10.32394/rpzh.2019.0073

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