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Frequency of consuming selected product groups among Polish and Spanish physical education students
Maria Gacek, Grażyna Kosiba, Agnieszka Wojtowicz

doi 10.32394/rpzh.2020.0121

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Difficulties and factors influencing purchase decision. The perspective of families with children with autism spectrum disorders on a gluten-free and casein-free diet. Preliminary study
Katarzyna Tarnowska, Eliza Gruczyńska-Sękowska, Dorota Kowalska, Mariola Kozłowska, Ewa Majewska, Renata Winkler

doi 10.32394/rpzh.2020.0122

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Relationship between farmers' knowledge of and attitudes towards pesticide use and their sociodemographic characteristics: a cross-sectional study from Northwestern Turkey 
Celalettin Cevik, Raziye Ozdemir, Sezgin Ari  

doi 10.32394/rpzh.2020.0123  

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The legitimacy and safety of using alternative diets in cancer 
Karolina Dobrowolska, Bożena Regulska-Ilow  

doi 10.32394/rpzh.2020.0120  

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Dietary patterns of health sciences students in regarding to physical activity levels and somatic indicators of nutritional status
Robert Gajda, Monika Bronkowska

doi 10.32394/rpzh.2020.0124

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Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation from wi-fi and its effects on human health, in particular children and adolescents
Andrzej Magiera, Jolanta Solecka 

doi /10.32394/rpzh.2020.0125 

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