Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1998, 49(2): 219-229

Ocena sposobu żywienia osób dorosłych w trzech wybranych wsiach woj. warszawskiego, radomskiego i bialskopodlaskiego
[Dietary assessment of adults in three vilages in Warsaw, Radom and Biała Podlaska Districts]

B. Pietruszka, A. Brzozowska, A. Puzio-Dębska


The objectives of this study was the assessment of dietary patterns of adults individuals living in three villages: Celestynów (Warsaw district), Jasionka (Biała podlaska district) and Babin (Radom district) in Poland. The study was conducted in winter 1994/95 among 71 men and 77 women aged 18 years or more. The information on food consumption during one weekday was obtained by 24-hour dietary reacall method. On the average the percentage of total energy intake from proteins and fats was above the recommended limits whereas the proportion of energy derived from carbohydrates was slightly deficient. For women the average daily intake of most nutrients under study (with exception of animal proteins, fats, sodium, phosphorus, manganese, vitamin E, B2 and niacin) was below recom- nended levels. The consumption of carbohydrates (also dietary fiber), magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium was 29-35% below recommendations and case of vitamin C - 51%. In general men had higher mean intake of energy and nutrients than women. Their average daily diet did not meet recommendation only for carbohydrates, dietary fiber, calcium magne- sium, copper, vitamin C and A. Men consumed too much animal proteins, sodium, phosphorus and cholesterol. Daily consumption of minerals and vitamins from diet and supplements together for those subjects who used supplements (41% of respondents) met or exceed recommended dietary intake, with exception of potassium for women. Taking consideration number of faults founded in the nutrition patterns of adults from rural area more nutritional study in this subpopulation group should be conducted. 

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