Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1995, 46(4): 417-426

Ocena programu edukacyjnego „Czas przemian”
[Evaluation of the educational programme “The Always Changing Program”]

M. Mościcka, T. Przewłocka


The educational program „The Always Changing Program” was performed in 1500 primary schools in 21 major towns in different voievodships and concerned 200 thousands children from 5 and 6 classes. The studies aimed at the evaluation of its usefulness for health education in primary schools as well as of feedback reaction from pupils. 1406 schools and 1425 school children who completed this program participated in the study. The results showed that both schools and coordinators from the Sanitary Epidemiological Stations are well prepared to introduce this program. The approaches applied by schools were in accordance with the intentions of the program. The program was positively evaluated by school authorities as far as its contents and additional tools in which it was equipped are concerned. The need for the continuation of this program was expressed together with the proposals concerning its extension including films. The opinions expressed by school children allow to conclude that the program is useful and that this kind of education is expected to be continued in schools. It was found different feedback reaction depending on sex and social status. This creates the need for more specific approaches for defined groups of children. The evaluation of the influence of this program on specific knowledge and behavioral patterns in children are planned.

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