Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1996, 47(3): 277-283

Ocena metody oznaczania aflatoksyn w orzechach arachidowych przy użyciu chromatografii powinowactwa immunologicznego z detekcją fluorymetryczną
[Evaluation of the immunoaffinity chromatography coupled with fluorimetry detection method for determination of aflatoxins in peanuts]

J . Postupolski , B. Jankowska , В. Urbanek - Karłowska


The aim of the study was determination of the basic analytical parameters of the AFLATEST method (accuracy, precision, recovery) and testing of its usefulness in concentrations down to 10ya/kg. In the test the studied extracts are purified passing them through columns with monoclonal antibodies, followed by fluorimetric determination after reaction with bromine solution. The capacity and the efficiency of the columns were tested and fluorimeter calibration was checked. The reliability of the method was assessed fortifying a series of arachids samples with aflatoxin Bi and determining then recovery and precision. The accuracy of the method was checked by determination of certified reference standard. In the light of the obtained results the AFLATEST method was found to be applicable for semiquantitative determination of aflatoxins in arachids in the concentrations above 5 µ/kg.

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