Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1996, 47(2): 197-204

Dioksyny i furany w jadalnych gatunkach ryb z Zatoki Gdańskiej
[Dioxins and furans in edible species of fish from the Gulf of Gdańsk]

J . Falandysz, A. Florek, S. Kulp, P. Bergqvist, L. Strandberg, B. Strandberg, Ch. Rappe


The levels of PCDDs and PCDFs in samples of lamprey, perch, herring, cod, flounder, round goby, eelpout and pikeperch caught in the Gulf of Gdańsk were determined by HRGC/HRMS. The results are expressed as TCDD equivalents, calculated according to international (I-TEQs), nordic (N-TEQs) models. The levels (pg TEQs/g wet weight) were from 0.263 in lamprey to 6.047 in herring (I-TEQs). Except of herring nearly all fish species sampled contained PCDDs and PCDFs in concentration below 1 pg TEQs/g wet wt, and only for pikeperch it was 1.025 pg S-TEQs/g.

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