Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 2000, 51(4): 321-344

Biokumulacja pierwiastków i radionuklidów przez grzyby wielkoowocnikowe. Przegląd bibliograficzny dla ziem polskich
[Bioaccumulation of elements and radionuclides by macrofungi. Review for the territory of Poland]

J. Falandysz , A. Frankowska


A bibliographic review is presented on publications related to bioaccumulation of elements, specially metals and radionuclides in fruiting bodies of higher mushrooms collected at the territory of Poland. In the paper apart from the list of references in tables is given, chronologically, name of the first author, year of publication, site, the type of work (in situ, commercial source, field experiment, laboratory study), chemical symbols of the elements and the abbreviations of the latin names of the mushroom species under study.

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