Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 1997, 48(2): 119-127

Aktywność mutagenna tiuramu w testach bakteryjnych
[Bacterial mutagenity of dithiocarbamate fungicide thiram]

I. Rahden - Staroń , H. Czeczot , M. Pieńkowska , T. Szymczyk-Wasiluk


Looking for a mechanism of induction of chromosomal aberrations by thiram we checked its ability to damage bacterial DNA. Evaluation of the mutagenic effect of thiram was by: (i) the Salmonella/mammaMan microsome Ames test with S. typhimurium TA102 strain, (ii) E. coli PQ37 strain to reveal an induction of the SOS response, (iii) test with E. coli BH20 fpg' and BH190 fpg uvrA mutants to check possible effect of modification of purines, (iv) test with E. coli AB1157 and AB1157ada3 to detect DNA alkylation in Opposition of guanine. The results of this work exclude DNA cross-links, oxidative damage of DNA, opening of imidazole ring in Purines and events leading to activation of the SOS system as well as adaptive response as direct reasons of chromosomal abnormalities induced by thiram.

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